Monday, March 9, 2009

solte a' alma 2009


~that's the best word to describe the feeling once i stepped down the stage after my performance on solte a'alma's, me with other 11 superb friends had been training for more than a week to perform a bhangra dance on that nite..we dance 4 3 songs, including the awaited bhole chudiyan OST kabhi kushi kabhi gham...frankly speaking, i am just another "kayu" among the 12 boys who are not used to dance...but with all the hardwork and cooperation from all of us, we not only did it, but we did it excellently! the crowd had gone crazy thru out the 3 songs...honestly i had run out of breath after the 1st song but the positive response from the crowd make me stronger and spiritted to perform for, knowing that my beloved teacher is just in front of the stage with her family, i just wanna do my best! alhamdulillah...we won the 2nd place for dance category and a special award for "stage conquerer"....This SC award for me is the biggest award for the nite...i dont care about the 2nd place...what my concern was the crowd had enjoyed our show the most! ;)

~few seconds before i stepped on the stage

me : jang...gua nervous ni...siyes aku x penah nervous cmni...
jang : (ngn muke yg ala2 xtau nk ckp ape coz die pn sbnrnye nervous jgk..haha..)lek la wan...kiter njoy jek kat ats stage nnt...=D
me : njoy je la jang...bukan nk menang pn...
jang : btol2...

~ on the stage : jang was the one who were really high,toxicated like a crazy "zaita" during the performance...chet! haha...i was sinked with my nervousness under jang's crazynees, smoothness, naturality, and excitement...haha...but i dont care bro...the crowd were cheering for all of us...;)

~ this was certainly the night of 365x2 nights in MCB....

Sunday, March 1, 2009

"my beloved will learn a topic called LOVE"

L.O.V.E...?'s a learning time.....=)...few syllabus had been covered thru out the nites... understandings...empathy...consideration..and the list goes on...and it's ok...=)..these obstacles are parts of our excursion to the adultness...we will never stop learning till we die...the key strength is maturity...goodbye teenage life....!;)

u.P.d.A.t.E.s been pretty hard so far...with IRP started intensively...eventhough it is not officially started just yet...but the IRP meeting seems sumthing precious among and there we can see those year twos sit in a group...discussing...revising....chatting...and sumtimes GOSSIPING...huhu...not excluded my group la...and this phenomenon will continuously go on til may i am cock sure..insyaAllah with high commitment+perseverance+cooperations+considerations+prayers+blessings, we will make it girls...(im d only boy in my irp...=D..)

the nite of 6th march is approaching...for kmbians, this is the time for them to show their talent in the SOLTE A'ALMA's nite..this is one of the most anticipated night in kmb i would say...will i perform on that night?? hahaha....u better try ur luck to find me..;)

yesterday i went to mid valley for a small reunion of my ex-class in Jasin...there were nad (the pipi gemox from KTT~india bound dentistry student)...ernnie (the purple never lose from taylors~australia bound biotech student..=P)...zamir...(the batu api neraka from taylors..haha..~australia bound chem engine student..)...and ecah and amir..(err...the DOC in the making from bukit changgang???) was fun! we sat at the food court for 4 hours just to dig up back all the stories that have not been updated since 2 years back! huhu...time not flies...time speeds with speed of light! the 4 hours session was filled with lot lot lot lotsa laugh! my cheek kinda wanna explode...nad's already jaw like sengal2 already after we went back was a good therapy though after a stressful life these few days back... thx to my guys really had cheered me up...;)

My mom just undergone a minor operation to remove a waste liquid that suddenly appeared on her wrist...she was fine now...alhamdulillah...and she was doin really great...and the most interesting thing to know is she got 2 weeks medical leave! mak! this is unfair! hahaha...

mid sem break is in 2 weeks not really excited bout it coz the mood to study is mushrooming...i dont wanna ruin it will be a "mild" holiday for me...and insyaAllah, i will be fine with it...=)

till next tyme guys...~~