Saturday, December 12, 2009

renaissance of a blogger

hey there...=)...its been a while since my last entry...a long long time last entry was posted on the very first days of my arrival in UK and i have been here safe n sound for almost 3 months! i dont wanna give lame excuses saying that i am too bz to post anythg here simply because the life here is pretty relaxing! i just dont have the mood top write..but few mins before i started writing this, i read few blogs of my fren... most of them keep updating their blog by writing about what they have been doing in negara org and strike my mind with this.."aku kat UK 3 tahun je...xkn la aku nk simpan kenangan aku kat UK ni dlm FB je?"..with that simple thought i become so inspired to starting writing this...yea...this WORD! here is southampton has been pretty is just a simple city, without any tourist attraction at all..seriosly, to all my frens, if u wanna come to soton, dont u ever dream to sightseeing, but do come here because of SOTONIANS as we will make ur days here worthy! haha...not to say that we are enjoying our life so much here but we are doing fine so far..alhamdulillah...=)

since my arrival here, one thing that i am proud is of course my cooking skills...haha...thx to our desperation to cook once a week! up to this date, i have cooked ayam masak kurma, soto, all sorts of nasi goreng, chicken stew, bolognese, ayam masak black pepper and mee hoon is enjoyable for me and it is not really long as u have the guts to cook, you will be fine....;)

me in action!

chicken stew!

ayam masak merah + ikn bilis masak kicap n telur dadar

classes have been quite bumpy but i did enjoy myself in class..lectures, turorials, presentation, group discussion, assignments...all of them make myself become a wiser person by now...i did form a discussion group for my ECONs module with matt(english),moid(pakistani) and tafzani (malaysian). we are doing great..the discussions had been very active with evryone contributing their own brilliant ideas..working with non-malaysian really open up ur mind coz they can see what we typical malaysian oversee..they really ambitious and have a very clear idea and dream ahead of is a picture of us..

from left : matt, moid and me

i also form a group for my DEMOGRAPHY,together with taf and et pleasantly agreed to join Ling and Michele, 2 brilliant peeps from China to put our brains together for the presentation...we did very well for it and special thanx to Ling for cheering up our group with her bubbly jokes...haha...

Today is my last day of my autumn term and tomorrow is the 1st day of winter holiday! happy holiday peeps! and i am going to Spain this tuesday! hahaha...the route will consist of LONDON-BARCELONA-GRANADA-CORDOBA-MADRID-LONDON....pray for our safe and smooth journey and do wait for lotsa pics to be uploaded...!

owh yea..btw, my other half is enjoying her days so much in States...she is there for her university's academic visit..she was selected for the trip and im pretty sure it is because of her very well performance in very2 proud of her...=) seems that her tears at the very first time when she knew that she was accepted to do a course that she never applied at a university that she never thought of has turn into a joyful tears...Allah knows evrythg and absolutely the best for you dear,cepat2la blk malaysia ye... =)

lastly, just to remind you guys that this blog is still alive! haha..adios...;)