Monday, October 5, 2009

a new life.a new hope.but i am still me's been a while i haven't updated my old creepy blog..i believe if my blog is a house,there must be a lot of satans n evils living in it ryte now..(rumah kan xleh tgl lame..nnt setan masuk...hehe...) peeps, I'm at a new place ryte now...swaythling,southampton....yea..u read it right..=)...i arrived here on breezy morning of 29 september 2009...its kinda a memorable date..290909...let the pics below tell evrything..

with my family at KLIA...miss them soo much....<3

my sistas...

shivering in the flight

touchdown at heathrow,london

first taste of london air

there were some pics upon my arrival at heathrow,london airport..people malaysia and some of my frens in UK asked me, "how's soton?"..well...for me, its too early to comment on that....soton is nothing much compared to london or any other beautiful cities...its just a small town and certainly not a tourist any other western cities,people here love to socializing,clubbing,drinking and what not..u name it...but that's only at night..during the day,they are nice...seldomly u can here drivers honking their cars...if u about to enter a room and there is a person in front of u,he will certainly hold the door for you...the politely of locals here were certainly doubt..

hurmm..but to be honest, my heart is still standing stiffly at malaysia...i miss malaysia soo much eventhough i am just a week here..i miss malaysian foods,hotness,sweat,the people itself and so much more..the weather here is in its mild cold (well,locals say it mild cold but for me,its real cold! cakap pn berasap ok....) its quite unpredictable with drizzles in the morning and suddenly bright sunshine in the afternoon...sweating in UK is very awkward...i can walk 30mins without sweating at can be slimmer with a bad eating habit due to the coldness and lack of sweat...:(....

cooking has become my routine i knw how hard cooking can be..i thought i am prepared enough to eat my own cook but it is far way tasteless than my mom's...teringat lauk2 yang mak masak eventhough kat umah xdela makan grand mane pn tp cukup rase sume la...kat sini, plg grand penah housemate masak is nasi putih with ayam masak least kat uma ade sayur sket,ayam sket,ikan summer adalah mase untuk menggemokkan diri...sabar2....

i had my first class conclude it all,they were a great start 4 me...n hoping for it to be continously fine and smooth..insyaAllah...

tgh jalan nk g 1st kelas...drizzles..sejuk gle..

jakun main asap time x nmpk pn dlm pic..huhu

gmbr ni didedicated khas untuk kak long n abg kat carboot..:)
gmbr ni plak utk baby dlm prot kak long...jgn jeles...ekekeke...blom lahir dh kene buli ngn acu..hehe...=P

hurmm...these are the faces that i miss so much ryte now...

my family...<3

my niece...huhu....rindu gle kt bdk kecik ni!...:(

n of course my baby boo...:-*

my adoreable sweetheart...<3

and my her soo much...:)..:-*