Thursday, January 1, 2009

2009..anticipate more spices...!

hye people...:)
it has been a while since the last tyme i post an entry on my blog...kinda busy and not in the mood lately...i read bunch of blogs but very liat to write on my own blog...

okay...most of my frens had a recap on their achievements, ups and downs in 2008...glad to read their sweet memories and sometimes i remember mine too...yes...2008 was a tremendous year for me and evryone i believe because anything that happened before was granted by God not for nothing, but for something...even the bad, let's just take those "presents" with alhamdulillah...=)

i had a good start for my 2009...=)....and just hope all the days,years,decades,centuries ahead will be smooth for me and evryone around me....avoid bumpy roads but if it were meant to be your path, (im reminding myself too) go through it with guys have your own weapon to counter with anything....the weapon does not need any money or license to be bought....just some efforts to put our hands together and say our PRAYER....

talking about prayer, just hope that every MUSLIM in this world would help our brothers and sisters in Palestine by at least (if you could not avoid MCD, PEPSI, cigars etc. goods made by only God-knows-who that the revenue is meant to be JEWS eventually) pray for their safety...this is our efforts as we will be question in afterlife on what have we done to protect our bros and sis there.....

so, just quote from one of my classmate's blog....BUCKLE UP safwan....! not only at the rear seat but for the whole excursion of 2009...! its gonna be fun! ;)



  1. buckle up!even though sometimes u need two of it.1 x cukup.;p
    just kidding.epi 2009.lets pray the best for everyone.:)

  2. safwan,hapy new year.aku link kau. link me back.