Friday, October 1, 2010


"Wan, aku rase ciri-ciri feminisme dalam diri kau ni tinggi lah."

I know I am highly sensitive..
Always paranoid with sumthg dat I shudn't..

I know i am expressive..
Always neglect your feelings in expressing my sorrow towards wut you've done..
Eventhough the thing you did is not even close to be called wrong..

I know i feel a bit insecure..
I promised to recover.. 
But deep inside im still suffering..
The scar is there..and every time i look at it, it bleeds..

I know i am selfish..
Never been satisfied with your attention..
Craving for more n more...

I hate myself everytime you cry..
I hate myself everytime you sigh..
I hate myself everytime your guilt is high..

"Wan, patience is is..sabar sket eyh..." =)

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