Wednesday, May 18, 2011

building a house in heaven


that's quite a common word in my stage of life right now. once in a while, my fren would bring this matter up, either for fun or in a serious tone. everybody keen to tease each other about this. i see this as a form of encouragement. yea, benda baik, kalau dah ready, buat ape tunggu lama-lama kan? :)

but the issue here, dah ready ke belum? well yea..if we want to wait for ourselves to be 100% ready, then we would never get married til we die. simply coz we dont know the right indicator on how "ready" we are. but for the very least, we have to get ready. physically and material, it's not that hard though. lambat laun duit tu cukup jgk insyaAllah.

what more important here, is spiritually. marriage is not just about two people living together, have some kids, work everyday and meet at the evening. go to the park every sunday morning to have some breeze walk with kids and spend good quality time. marriage is about paving a way to jannah. the moment you say "aku terima nikahnya..." you'll get pahala. anything you do with your wife (as long as according to sharia), you'll get pahala. you raise up your kids, mould them to be a good muslim n muslimah, there are lots lots lots of pahala waiting for you. and eventually, if everything goes on track, the whole family would enter jannah. 

sounds nice? yes it is..but are we ready to lead the way to that? this question is not only for the bride-groom-to-be but also to his companion. both husband and wife would have to prepare themselves at least to show a good qudwah to their kids. so that their kids would grow up in a protected islamic surroundings. world today is filled with many people, showing good and bad example. parents would be the one responsible to tell them, which one should they choose to follow. 

let's prepare ourselves, building our house in jannah. =)


  1. I like bro!!! Same2 kite bina rumah kt Jannah iA :)

  2. alhamdulilah =) dh ready la ni..kih3

  3. baguih article hang bro. btw mintak reblog eh. aku da link kan to blog ko. thanx

  4. kid me not nur muhammad safwan bin azman!

    to be able to right this kind of sutff, shows that you are at least one step closer to building your dream house in jannah. with this kind of positive mind and attitude. i'm sure you'll be completing half of your deen real soon. *big grins*

    and to that particular lucky girl, the world envy you! he's a keeper.

    may both of you be showered with mawaddah sakinah wa rahmah!

    semoga kite berjiran la di syurga nanti. :D