Thursday, July 7, 2011

Sweet Little Thing

I took a train as usual to work. But this morning isn’t like any other day.

As I hop onto the coach, I grabbed the holder on the rail to hold. Beside me, there was a couple.

The guy was standing, the lady was sitting in front of him filling the vacant seat, as the guy gave space to her.

Based on the ring on the guy’s ring, I assured that they were a married couple.

Their finger cling to each other few times along the journey.

When the train was approaching Hang Tuah Station and the lady preparing herself to hop off the coach.

Before the train stopped, she shook and kissed her husband’s hand.

As she stand, a little peck on her loved one cheek was given "secretly".(both were like segan2) 

As she walked out the coach, she wave to the guy.


*this is why marriage is sweet*

Owh, lepas train tu jalan balik, lelaki tu kuarkan hp n main game. LOL

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