Monday, June 22, 2009

love you ayah! mmmwaaahhxx!

i was born in a non-ordinary family....hugs and kisses, its just not us...maybe we dont know how to express our feelings but we do love each other...once again, i wanna stress here, WE DO LOVE EACH OTHER...i love my ayah,emak and all 3 sisters with their husband and kids...n i strongly believe that they love me so much too...hurmmm...but believe it or not,i never hug my dad or kiss him....maybe i did when i was a kid...but as far as i remember,i never do that....its not like i dont love him..but maybe dats my family...we dont know how to show our love to each other...EGO...maybe dats the word...and it's agreed but my kak long too...and plus, we were not tought by our parents to do show our love thru hugs and kisses...we didn't practice that since we were kids...

but sumtimes kan, its not like i dont want to hug and kiss them...sumtimes, when i saw my frens hug their mom and dad everytime they visit their respective child during my days at kmb and mrsm jasin,i become so envious...siyes jeles gle ble tgk my fren dpt bnde2 cmtu but i never get such thing in my life...i wish my mom and dad are like dat...but even if let say, soon they are behaving like dat, no doubt its awkward! coz we are not used to do all the hugging and kissing thingy...sure plek la kalau ttbe my dad hug me....hurmmmm?????

and MAYBE...maybe la,because of they dont teach us to show our love directly, dats y the bond between me n my parents is not that strong....yea..we did laugh sumtimes only happens especially when all of the family members are together...especially during hari raya...i love aidilfitri coz at that tyme,all my 3 sisters,bros in law,niece,me and my parents are together....:)....we would laugh,eat together and stuffs....i miss those moments so much...;(...

certainly, when i have a child, i will ensure that love is in the air of my family...i wanna be a good father and a best friend of all my children....i wish one day, i could HEAR my child says,"love u ayah! mmmwaaahhxx!"...:)...which i cannot afford to say today, but only to WRITE...but at least it's successfully delivered...eventhough the medium is different..:)

to ayah,
thx for everything...:) you ayah! mmmwaaahhxx!....:) i can never repay all your did a lot for me...seriously...but insyaAllah, i will try my best to make you proud of your only son..happy father's day!


  1. haha
    its normal wan, no worries
    i hug my parents, just simply because i was very jealous to see my younger siblings which are still in kindergarden do tht. gedik kn?? haha
    u know wht?
    u got 1 oppourtunity to do tht. hugs n kisses. n saying i love u ma, ayah.
    mse nk fly. huhu. btol~~
    nnt rindu. hee~~

  2. hehe...tu pun xtau brani ke x nk wat...but i guess,bnde ni akn dtg naturally...:)..hehe

  3. safwan,
    i understand how you feel because in my family, my siblings and I rarely hug and kiss our parents too..
    even to say i love you to them sounds awkward..

    but like what you said, its not that they dont love us, they just dont know how to show it.

    putting it in a blog is a nice.. i hope one day your dad stumble upon this page of yours and read it. he sure will be thrilled :P

  4. safwan~
    no hugs n kisses pun
    the love is there :)
    lgpun aku rase kalangan malays mmg susa nk jumpe yg kiss2 hug2 family ni
    cam awkward~
    aku pun xde ah extreme sgt hugging n kissing family
    untuk adik aku,extreme ah
    haha :))