Monday, June 8, 2009

recap of VADs...!

hurmmm....normally, the boy name nur muhammad safwan will come here with overflowing ideas on what to write....but....not this time....i just feel like to write an entry but im totally have nothing in my mind....i just wanna write sumthing.....hurmmmm...meby the all-time favourite phrase "go with the flow" may be my best fren at least until the last sentence of this entry.... :)

hurmmm...supposedly, now im at sumwhere, hanging around with dina....but it was cancelled yesterday due to unavoidable thing....hurmmm.....i just cant understand myself la...why at the very first moment when i got a sudden bad news, i tend to be emotionally disturbed but actually, the so-called "bad news" was reasonable...i should understand the overall situation and should not think only about is not like She cancel the date because she loves to do so...there's a reason beneath it and it is REASONABLE! why cant i understand? but that's at the very first moment la...after a while,when the wave become calmer,when the congestion of neurons in my head has eased, everything become rational....i begin to see the problems clearly and accept it as the way it is...hurmmm...but meby that's the nature of all the silent whispers from all the laknatullah, it just add more hatred in my all people out there yg pernah terkena with my sudden emotionally disturbed, im truly deeply sorry of my wrongdoings...:(

our latest picture....after 4 months x jumpe...:)
LnMysMs....always have,always will :-*

okay! stop all the crappy jiwang thingy.....let's talk bout my new "home", petrosains...haha...supposedly, last saturday, my batch has efficiently planned to do our 2nd batch gathering at pengkalan balak, has been planned for months but till the very last day, only 9 people has confirmed to join....out of 41 people in my batch...hurmmm....the plan was about to go on as usual but it was cancelled 2 days before the trip coz from the 9 people, 3 of them cancelled has to put the priority to her family coz she has just become a MAK LANG! congratz az! hehe...while fathi and shuk has some family matters...eventhough at first tu i was like sedey jgk la coz im sooo looking forward for this trip but meby it is not our rezeki just yet to meet up and update all the stories....there's a blessing in disguise im sure..:)....
next monday, on 15 june 09, most probably, i'll join the most awaited event of the year, Volunteer Appreciation Day (VAD)....! ooooppsss....dat's maybe few years back...but not this year....the excitement to attend VAD was not as sparkling as previous year....this year, the budget has been cut....previous VAD was a great event! in 2007, we had it at the zone the morning, there was a tresure hunt held at KLCC park and in the afternoon, all of us would boasting ourself with our own costume, according to the theme on that year, 50 years of Malaysia was such a happening,superb event....! still igt lg time tu, me n my batch has to present a sketch regarding kemerdekaan...i become a "bapak",hubby of elly who is the "emak"...we are the parents of KARIM, si sutun from was actually a "reverse" version of kasim selamat, a classic movie from P. Ramlee era...don't have to story more, let the pictures below do the talk...;)

my group tyme treasure hunt! kene blindfold...huhu

treasure hunt at KLCC park!

this is the scene where fatin (the who is kneeling) dah kene cucuk with her forks...hehe...from left is raja 'the karim', elly 'the emak' and me 'the bapak'...

time pengisytiharan kemerdekaan by "Tunku Abdul Rahman" a.k.a aiman...hahaha...

all the samseng kampung dusun!

in 2008, the theme was cartoon maniA! haha....we were 'forced' to wear any cartoon character costume and due to the blunderness of idea, i just wear the simplest MIB costume...haha...just put on my dad's suit and a sunglass...tadaaa! done...hehe..n my partner of the day is my cutey KIM POSSIBLE...! hehe...;) usual, there is a treasure hunt in the petrosains was still fun eventhough it is not held at the KLCC park as the previous year..

with my kim possible!

there were flinstone, spiderman and frens....haha...jabbawockeez pn ade??

the witches,darthvader,MIB and wolverine....where's kayla mr. logan?

hurmmm....2009? the theme is "that's 80's show"....hurmmm...but...since the company has reduced the budget for volunteers, including our working hours and events, this year's VAD won't promise any excitement i bet....the event is scheduled to start only at 3pm...there will be no running for treasure hunt whether inside or outside breakfast...just maybe HI-TEA and performances and awards giving ceremony....and it is scheduled to end at 6pm....wut do you expect? people,just dont expect much....and first thing first,i wont waste my money to prepare my costume....

ok seems like the flow starts to overflowing....hehe...see?? sumtimes, ad-hoc work works!...we just don't need to plan....hurmmm...maybe we shud plan and it's good to plan our work...but eventually, HE will decide everything for us...just hoping the best for everyone...till then....have a good day everybody...take care...~

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  1. wan,do recap about out batch ya!hehe.

    sorry about d trip.d blame shud be put on me.kesian korang..but we plan,HE decides..
    insyallah vad nnt gather blk ramai2! :D