Monday, June 8, 2009

taggo tagged!

hurmm.....i've been tagged! ahaha...slalunye malas nk layan tag2 diz tyme since dah xde keje,just answer those easy pizy questions...hope u enjoy it...;)


1. How old are you and are you single?
hurmmm...people say that i am much more matured than my dat so?? hurmmm...wtv it is, im just 20...haha...

2. At what age do you think you'll get married?
InsyaAllah,several years from now...we plan, HE decides...lagi cepat, lagi bagus..:P

3. Do you think you'll be marrying
the person you're with now?
hurmmm...i am just trying my super duper very best to preserve what i have today...

4. If not, who do you want to marry with?
Her..the name which has been written before i was born...

5. Who would be your bridesmaid and best man?
actually,bridesmaid dah ade yg nk kene tny my bride dulu best man? hurmmm....sape2 pn xksah...:D

6. Do you want a garden / beach or traditional wedding?
garden would be great....but traditional sounds appreciating...hehe...mane2 pn bole....jnji sume lancar and selamat...:)

7. Where do you plan to go on honeymoon?
absolutely venice...for gondola riding...if not, any island in the world...

8. How many guests do you think you'll invite?
depends on my current profession dat tyme la...if i have a good profession, maybe leh je jemput if cm baru2 je nak hidup ngn duit sendri, closest relatives and frens sudeyh...haha...

9. Will that include your ex-es?

10. How many layers of cake do you want? be symbolic, maybe the layers of the cake is according to how many years we build oour relationship before we get married..

11. The time of day you wanna get married?
As earliest as that we can fill every moment of the day with lots & lots of love & happiness..:D

12. Name the tune you'd like to play during the wedding.
~Thank God I Found You by Mariah Carey ft Boyz 2 Men~
~I do by 98dgrees~
~endless love by diana ross and lionel richie~

13. Fine dining or just normal fork and spoon dining?
I'll prepare's up to the guests to dine with their own comfortable ways..the choice is yours..! ;) air basuh tangan for sure ade!

14. Champagne or red wine?
uishhhh...gile ke....? mau kene perambat ngn mak, ayah, atok, nenek...hurmmm...i would ask my Uncle Rahim to teach me how to make a perfect BANDUNG SODA!

15. Honeymoon right after the wedding or
days after the wedding? soon as all the guests leave the hall, that's the beginning of our honeymoon till our last breath...

16. How many kids you'd like to have.
any number would long as all of 'em are safely born and will grow up as soleh khalifah....

17. Would you record your honeymoon?
of course...but even if i wouldn't,it is still will be my heart and my mind..;)

18. I wanna tag;
anyone who wants to do this...haha

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  1. wan ko nk bg kterang bace ke x ni.. xnmpak dow tulesan.. haha