Wednesday, October 22, 2008

friends 4 ever....

hurmmmm...finally we are called to actuarial science's placement briefing this afternoon....our placement officer said that we can choose between two countries, UK or Canada...hurmmm...of course i choosed UK coz it has been my dream country all this while but at the end of the day, the officer will rank all my coursemate accordingly to our result...maybe UK will be a place for top scorer kot in my class...honestly i can't imagine where i will be just hoping, wherever it is, it's the best for me...(kalau kene gi canada, beku la diriku nnt...huhu...) my bestfriend, Jang, if we are not placed in the same Uni., or even in the same country, hope you won't forget me....we have been friends since Jasin lg....eventhough we always "main fizikal" and "bahan2" each other, but you still my bestie dude! hahahhahahaha...if you already found your MFL, jgn jd cam TOMPOK lak,lupe member...hekhekhek...TOMPOK, kalau ko bace bnde ni, contact ar kteorg blk kat sni....ok guys, till we meet again at the next trying so hard to make my blog as interesting as i could.... ;)


  1. safwan, sorry gak sbb aku pon ade maen 'fizikal' hehehehehehe

  2. pergh safwan,
    sejak bile kita kawan? hahahahaha
    main2 je member. Semestinye ko member ketat aq dari Jasin lagi. Kalo x dapat U same wan, aq sanggup tukar U yg same ngan ko, sius ni! Dalam idup aq tiada lagi penting dari family dan member2 aq. Kalo ko x de wan, perot sape aq nak main2 lagi hehehehehe.