Wednesday, October 15, 2008

friendship and love???

hurmm...if you ever heard a song named "lucky" by jason mraz and colbie caillat, there's is a line saying, "lucky im in love with my best friend" it true??? i dont know...for me its a kind of awkward to fall in love with your own best friend's to say ek???'s just so awkward!! personally, had several times fallen into kinda crush with my bestfriend (well...especially in school before..)...but after think it twice, i guess it's the care of you towards your bestfriend...not are so concern with her until you confusely think that you are in love with her...but...well...i may be sound so conservative here....but that's my personal view....and i think there are lots of people out there that are in love with their best friend! but not me....hopefully...ahahahaha...but i wont avoid it if it happens to me one day...hahaha..kidding! =P.....hurmmm..nway,why did i bring this matter up?????? well....this is just my appreciation to my bestfriends! ;)


  1. u got a point there,definitly

  2. Lucky i'm in love with my best friend..
    Lucky to have been where i have been..
    lucky to be coming home again..
    lucky we're in love in every way..
    lucky to have stayed where we have stayed..
    lucky to be coming home someday..

    crazily in love with this song right now..=)