Friday, October 31, 2008

it's life dude...keep going... :)

aslmkm...hye people..

it has been a week since i last post a soo stuck with stack of workloads and revision....eventho it was a hectic,suffocating,eyes constrained week but at least,im still keep going...the week was started with a good news....director of KMB had declared that all non medic student like me will not be ranked and placed by the college for our university placement....instead, we are free to choose any country that we like the most...alhamdulillah...:)....this is d bless of the prayers from my lovely mom n dad, sisters and all my supportive friends....who never get bored to pray what's best for me.....thanx for always being on my side guys....but despite of a good start, my weekdays ends with a tragedy....a MILD tragedy...why i say so??? coz for me, i can handle it well....bring it on....i believe in Him...."God won't burden someone for something he could not bear" (surah albaqarah : 286)...i just do the best for everyone...the rest, i let Him decide.... :)

final exam is approaching...27 nov - 5 dec.....i must workhard from now on...burn the midnite that i can prove to everyone that i am capable of being one of the excellent future actuary from MARA College Banting....mak,ayah...just wait for the moment....the moment for both of you to smile, smile to see me succeed in my studies and proud for having me as one of your sparkling stars among 3 other precious diamond....


  1. Insyallah,we'll alwayz pray for u..n u r already our twinkle2 little star. hehehehe

  2. 3 precious diamond which include me. ahahah..btw good luck for ur final..(";)

  3. wow...
    safwan@abg bear ade blog..haha
    i dun belive u want to burn up the oil during midnight
    hahaha..lawak bodo aku lg..