Wednesday, October 22, 2008

relieved.... =)

fiuh....!! alhamdulillah...! im sooo relived ryte now...finally the TOK presentation has over! it was damn tiring for me all this while thinking about this damn important presentation...hurmmm....=) my groupmates, it is paid off guys after we went thru a lot of hardship,ups and downs for almost a month! (org lain sume prepare kejap je kot...=P)..eventho we have some minor flaws,overall miss fazlinda seems satisfied with tonite leh la we concentrate on other things but certainly not TOK presentation anymore....;) ayu,hana n taf sorry for everything if i ever hurt you while preparing for this presentation...n for hana, remember the song i sang...bleeding in love....(kalo xnk aku nyanyi lagi lagu tu, u better eat a lot k! hahahahahah...=P)....hurmmmm.....n im relieved too becoz last nite (around 2 am ++) finally ive told what i kept within myself for quite sumtime to a person that's so important in my is just so nice knowing that the person already knew it...=)...n i hope things will get better and clear onwards... :)

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  1. huhuhu aku pon begitu
    btw thanx for the advise :)